Ballet • Pointe  • Lyrical •Tumbling • Tap • Jazz • Contemporary • Hip Hop

• Musical Theatre

Ballet • Pointe  • Lyrical • Tumbling • Tap • Jazz • Contemporary • Hip Hop  and Musical Theatre

                at MGM Studio of the Dance

The MGM Philosopy

We want our students to learn as much as they can in a happy, healthy, non-threatening enviroment with a lot of positive feedback. The MGM staff knows and cares about mental and physical development of each one of our students. We teach only movements that are developmentally appropriate for each age level. Most of all, the fun of movement which is shared by everyone.

Director: Christy Lee
Dance Director: Toni Sanford

Dance Staff:
Angelica Griggs-Contemporary
Emily Provencher-Young Division & Petites
Alissa Anderson-Tumbling
Yannic Dozier-Hip Hop
Toni Sanford-Ballet
Gavin Myers-Tumbling & Jazz
Katelyn Stoss-Tap & Music Theatre
Sonya Burns-Petite Hip Hop

Office Staff:
Kim Knox           
Deb Brandon       


Pick up and Drop Off

Because of the limited parking spaces at Studio I, please use the parking lot south of Studio I for dropping off or picking up students only. If you would like to stay to watch your student and the spaces that are available in that parking lot are full please use the parking north of Studio II. Do not park in the spaces in front of Hair Salon as those belong to their customers.

Can I visit my student's class?

Parents and other interested parties are always welcome. Please remember that younger students may be easily distracted and the lobby space in both studios is limited. There are scheduled times during the year that parents and guests are invited to bring guests to watch your student dance.




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